Trijntje Cornelissens

Professor Operations & Supply Chain Management


Research group

Engineering Management


  • My research is situated in Supply Chain and Operations Management and addresses the alignment of the design of the facilities and planning of the operations of an industrial company with its business strategy. This research is conducted in close collaboration with industrial contacts and the ANT/OR research group of the FBE department of Engineering Management. This research targets developing new mathematical models and solution methods by using techniques such as mathematical programming, metaheuristics and constraint programming. The data instances are based on realistic examples of industrial situations. The main target is building industrial decision support tools with academic rigour. Two main topics are addressed. Firstly, we focus on the strategic design of (chemical) batch plants and aim to complete earlier cost-based models with state-of-the-art performance measures such as reliability, responsiveness and flexibility of the operations. Secondly, the strategic design of e-commerce warehouses is challenged, trying to optimise the advantages of both human and automated operators.


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