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Valentin Carlan is from 2014 on a PhD student and junior researcher at the department of Transport and Regional Economics at the Faculty of Applied Economics, University of Antwerp. His research interests include innovation assessment models, cost and benefits quantification methods for port related innovations, and applications of cost-effectiveness analysis for IT advancements. The outcome of his PhD is expected to be a quantitative assessment model to analyze the effectiveness of port-related innovations.

He is involved in the Cluster 2.0 research project that has the goal to leverage the full potential of European Logistics Clusters for a sustainable, efficient and fully integrated transport system. This research is promoted by Prof. Christa Sys and Thierry Vanelslander from the University of Antwerp side (2017-present).

He has been involved in the recearch of spill response readiness of ports coordinated by Prof. Trevor Heavor from the University of British Colombia, Vancouver and supervised by Prof. Theirry Vanelslander and Christa Sys  from the Univesity of Antwerp ( Jun.-Oct. 2016).

He is involved in the research of port-related innovation conducted within the chair of Transport, Logistics and Ports at the University of Antwerp coordinated by Prof. Christa Sys (2014-present).

He worked as teaching assistant and junior researcher at the Faculty of Transport within the University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest (2011-2014).

He holds a master’s degree in management of transport (2011) and has obtained his bachelor degree as transport engineer (2009) from the department of Transport, Traffic and Logistics within University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest.

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