Publications in the spotlight

Identifying science students at risk in the first year of higher education : the incremental value of non-cognitive variables in predicting early academic achievement
Willems Jonas   Coertjens Liesje   Tambuyzer Bart   Donche Vincent  
European journal of psychology of education - ISSN 0256-2928-34:4 (2019) p. 847-872
It is not only about the depth of processing : what if eye am not interested in the text?
Catrysse Leen   Gijbels David   Donche Vincent  
Learning and instruction - ISSN 0959-4752-58 (2018) p. 284-294
Higher education transitions : theory and research
Kyndt Eva   Donche Vincent   Trigwell K.   Lindblom-Ylänne S.  
New York, N.Y., Routledge, 2017,352 p.
A learning patterns perspective on student learning in higher education : state of the art and moving forward
Vermunt Jan D.   Donche Vincent  
Educational psychology review - ISSN 1040-726X-29:2 (2017) p. 269-299
Learning beyond graduation : exploring newly qualified specialists' entrance into daily practice from a learning perspective
Cuyvers Katrien   Donche Vincent   Van den Bossche Piet  
Advances in health sciences education - ISSN 1382-4996-21:2 (2016) p. 439-453
Differential use of learning strategies in first-year higher education : the impact of personality, academic motivation, and teaching strategies
Donche Vincent   De Maeyer Sven   Coertjens Liesje   Van Daal Tine   Van Petegem Peter  
British journal of educational psychology - ISSN 0007-0998-83:2 (2013) p. 238-251
Learning pattern development throughout higher education: A longitudinal study
Donche Vincent   Coertjens Liesje   Van Petegem Peter  
Learning and individual differences - ISSN 1041-6080-20:3 (2010) p. 256-259

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