Walter Daems

Vice dean

Publications in the spotlight

Assistive pointing device based on a head-mounted camera
Walsh Edwin   Daems Walter   Steckel Jan  
IEEE transactions on human-machine systems - ISSN 2168-2291-47:4 (2017) p. 590-597
Widening the directivity patterns of ultrasound transducers using 3-D-printed baffles
Kerstens Robin   Laurijssen Dennis   Daems Walter   Steckel Jan  
IEEE sensors journal - ISSN 1530-437X-17:5 (2017) p. 1454-1462
PeopleMover: an example of interdisciplinary project-based education in electrical engineering
Daems Walter   De Smedt B.   Vanassche P.   Gielen G.   Sansen W.   De Man H.  
IEEE transactions on education - ISSN 0018-9359-46:1 (2003) p. 157-167

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