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Responsiveness of the lymphedema functioning, disability, and health questionnaire for upper limb lymphedema in patients with breast cancer-related lymphedema
De Vrieze Tessa   Gebruers Nick   Nevelsteen Ines   Tjalma Wiebren   Thomis Sarah   De Groef An   Dams Lore   Devoodgt Nele  
Lymphatic research and biology - ISSN 1557-8585- (2020) p. 1-9
The effect of training interventions on physical performance, quality of life, and fatigue in patients receiving breast cancer treatment : a systematic review
Gebruers Nick   Camberlin Melissa   Theunissen Fleur   Tjalma Wiebren   Verbelen Hanne   Van Soom Timia   van Breda Eric  
Supportive care in cancer - ISSN 0941-4355-27:1 (2019) p. 109-122
Infiltrating stromal immune cells in inflammatory breast cancer are associated with an improved outcome and increased PD-L1 expression
Van Berckelaer Christophe   Rypens Charlotte   Van Dam Peter AndrĂ©   Pouillon L.   Parizel M.   Schats Kelly   Kockx Mark M.   Tjalma Wiebren   Vermeulen Peter   van Laere Steven   Bertucci F.   Colpaert Cecile   Dirix Luc  
Breast cancer research - ISSN 1465-542X-21 (2019)
Surgical management of cervical cancer by laparoscopy or laparotomy?
Tjalma Wiebren  
Gynecologic Oncology Reports - ISSN 2352-5789-27 (2019) p. 5-5
What is the best method to determine excessive arm volume in patients with breast cancerrelated lymphoedema in clinical practice? Reliability, time efficiency and clinical feasibility of five different methods
De Vrieze Tessa   Gebruers Nick   Tjalma Wiebren   Neverlsteen Ines   Thomis Sarah   De Groef An   Dams Lore   Van der Gucht Elien   Belgrado Jean-Paul   Vandermeeren Liesbeth   Devoogdt Nele  
Clinical rehabilitation - ISSN 0269-2155-33:7 (2019) p. 1221-1232

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