Wim Cuypers

FWO-SB PhD fellow

Publications in the spotlight

Fluoroquinolone resistance in Salmonella : insights by whole-genome sequencing
Cuypers Wim   Jacobs Jan   Wong Vanessa   Klemm Elizabeth J.   Deborggraeve Stijn   Van Puyvelde Sandra  
Microbial Genomics - ISSN 2057-5858-4:7 (2018)
No evidence for avoidance of black rat scent by the presumably less competitive Natal multimammate mouse in a choice experiment
Cuypers Laura   Cuypers Wim   Gildemyn-Blomme Amelie   Abraham Laura   Aertbelien Senne   Massawe Apia W.   Borremans Benny   Gryseels Sophie   Leirs Herwig  
African zoology - ISSN 1562-7020-52:2 (2017) p. 119-123

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