Publications in the spotlight

Phonon-assisted tunneling in direct-bandgap semiconductors
Mohammed Mazharuddin   Verhulst Anne S.   Verreck Devin   Van de Put Maarten L.   Magnus Wim   Sorée Bart   Groeseneken Guido  
Journal of applied physics - ISSN 0021-8979-125:1 (2019)
Occupation numbers in a quantum canonical ensemble : a projection operator approach
Magnus Wim   Brosens Fons  
Physica: A: theoretical and statistical physics - ISSN 0378-4371-518 (2019) p. 253-264
Theoretical study of scattering in graphene ribbons in the presence of structural and atomistic edge roughness
Moors Kristof   Contino Antonino   Van de Put Maarten L.   Vandenberghe William G.   Fischetti Massimo, V   Magnus Wim   Sorée Bart  
Physical review materials - ISSN 2475-9953-3:2 (2019)
Resistivity scaling model for metals with conduction band anisotropy
De Clercq Miguel   Moors Kristof   Sankaran Kiroubanand   Pourtois Geoffrey   Dutta Shibesh   Adelmann Christoph   Magnus Wim   Sorée Bart  
Physical review materials - ISSN 2475-9953-2:3 (2018)
Flux quantization and Aharonov-Bohm effect in superconducting rings
Kenawy Ahmed   Magnus Wim   Sorée Bart  
Journal of superconductivity and novel magnetism - ISSN 1557-1939-31:5 (2018) p. 1351-1357

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