Research group

Condensed Matter Theory


  • - Statistical physics of equilibrium and non-equilibrium quantum systems, in particular the canonical and grand-canonical ensembles as well as the numerical implementation of all related quantities (free energy, chemical potential, entropy, distribution functions, correlation functions etc.). - Semiconductor physics and various theoretical investigations of quantum transport in nano-scaled devices (quantum wires, lowdimensional conductors and field-effect transistors, etc.). - Theory of quantum magnetism based on Heisenberg quantum spin systems and related models (xy-model, xxz-model, Ising model).


You can find here all of the projects that are recorded in the research database of UAntwerp under the name of the academic staff member that acts as a promoter, copromoter or grant holder (a.o. FWO). It concerns only those research projects and mandates that were acquired after an external or internal competition.