Wim Van den bergh graduated as Master, Industrial Engineering in Built Environment at Hogeschool Antwerp (1997) and Postgraduate Human Ecology at Vrije Universiteit Brussels (2002). He started his academic career at the Hogeschool Antwerpen as researcher in Road Engineering, with a main focus on recycling of bituminous materials in asphalt pavements. He received his doctor's degree at TU Delft (CiTG Road Engineering Section). In 2013 he joined the University of Antwerp (Faculty of Applied Engineering) as assistant professor and research coordinator for Road Engineering Research Section of EMIB (Research group Energy and Materials in Infrastructure and Buildings).  Wim Van den bergh works in several national and international projects and committees as expert in asphalt recycling and bitumen technologies. Currently he is senior lecturer of Road Infrastructure and Asphalt Technologies and supervisor of special courses for industry.


His research focusses on healing of bituminous materials, impact of recycling on durability properties, use of IT in road engineering for enhancing quality and durability, improved mixtures for special pavements such as airport and harbour environment. Most of his projects are in close collaboration with industry and government.


Current PhD students:

Alexandros Margaritis: Exploring the effect of Reclaimed Asphalt on the fatigue and healing properties of Belgian asphalt mixtures

Geert Jacobs: Impact of rejuvenator on asphalt durability

Patricia Kara De Maeijer: Sustainable heavy duty asphalt pavement road structures



Graduated PhD Students:

Joke Anthonissen (2017): Bituminous Pavements in Flanders: quantifying the effect of RAP on the environmental impact