Yannick Vermeiren

Senior Postdoctoral Research Fellow (FWO-VITO) - Neurochemistry & Behavior | Centre for Proteomics - NeuroBiobank Institute Born-Bunge (NBB-IBB)


Research group

Neurochemistry and behaviour


  • Our current research activities are related to the field of neurochemical research in neurodegenerative disorders. As coordinator of the RP-(U)HPLC unit of the Neurochemistry & Behavior lab, we perform neurotransmitter analyses in biofluids and brain material of patients with all types of dementia. Moreover, we have expertise in conducting behavioral research, and correlating these findings with neurotransmitter data. Our current projects are related to Alzheimer's disease in Down syndrome, Parkinson-plus syndromes, and frontotemporal dementia/amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Our main goals are to (i) identify potential neurochemical biomarkers to facilitate differential diagnosis among these disorders, and (ii) to elucidate the neurochemical pathophysiology of neuropsychiatric symptoms in dementia. Our unit works closely with the neuropathology department of the Institute Born-Bunge, at which a large brain and biofluid biobank is situated. The UHPLC unit also functions as a service facility to analyze neurotransmitter levels in biofluids/brain material of various species. Our current setup is modifiable, to analyze various compounds.


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