Login, student card, study certificate

After you have enrolled as a student at the University of Antwerp, you will receive a number of important documents.

You will receive a login and a student card. These will give you access to a range of the University of Antwerp's online applications, the libraries and so on.

You can also obtain study certificates through your SisA self service.

Student account

After your first enrolment at the University of Antwerp you will receive a student account (login and password). The student account is activated within 24 hours of being issued.

You will need this account to use your student portal. Through the portal you can connect with the following services:

  • SisA selfservice:
    This is the online student administration system. You can use it to:
    • Check and change your personal details
    • Check payment information
    • Check your study programme
    • Enrol on your programme components
  • Webmail
    You will receive a UAntwerp email address (format: firstgivenname.surname@student.uantwerpen.be). You can check your email at https://mail.student.uantwerpen.be. All communication with students is sent to the UAntwerp email address, so make sure you check your UAntwerp inbox regularly. 

  • Learning environment (courses)
    All the courses you have enrolled in are listed in Blackboard learning environment. Lecturers can upload information about their course, the PowerPoint presentation used during lectures, and so on.

  • The computers in the computer rooms.

  • The libraries and the study areas.

Can't access your student account or forgotten your password? Then contact the registrar's office through their helpdesk.  Your password will then be reset.

Contact the ICT helpdesk if you have any other problems logging in to the student portal, Webmail and so on.

Important: your student account is only active during the academic year in which you have an enrolment.  If you don't re-enrol in a new academic year, your account will deactivate and you will no langer have access to your mails.

Student card

Once you have enrolled and paid your tuition fees, you will receive a student card from the registrar's office (if you enrolled using a diploma contract or credit contract). Please note that the student card is valid for 6 years and will not be renewed every year. Student cards are also only sent to addresses in the Benelux countries. You can find a digital student card in your SisA selfservice.

Depending on how busy it is during the enrolment period, this could take up to five working days. If you have not received a student card three weeks after your payment was confirmed in the SisA selfservice module, contact the registrar's office as soon as possible!

Your student card has a unique student number and photo. It is your own personal property. All students have one and you should always have it with you on campus. Take good care of it. If you lose or damage your student card, you can get a new one from the registrar's office:

  • Your first replacement is free and can be sent to you by post.
  • For every subsequent replacement of your student card, you will be required to pay €10 per card and you will need to pick it up in person.

Please note that the payment cards for the photocopiers and printers are managed by the library, not by the registrar's office. You can get a new payment card at a UAntwerpen payment card machine (see ICT Infocenter for students on Blackboard).

Study certificates

Once you have enrolled and paid your tuition fees, you can obtain your study certificates using the SisA selfservice module (in the section "Documents": study certificate and certificate for Foreign office).

You can only do this if you have enrolled using a diploma or credit contract.

You can obtain study certificates for the current academic year up to and including 30 June using the selfservice module. If you need a study certificate between 1 July and the end of the academic year, you should request this from the registrar's office.  Certificates for other academic years can only be obtained from the registrar's office.

Can you see your payment in the SisA selfservice module (section: "Account summary") but no study certificates? First check if your enrolment has been blocked in your selfservice account (section: "Home: Holds"). You may also have to switch off your pop-up blocker. If this is not the case, then contact the registrar's office as soon as possible.

Please note that study certificates cannot be used when applying for a scholarship or family allowance. All details relating to your enrolment are transferred digitally to the Scholarship Office and the National Family Allowance Service (see this link for information about family allowance certificates). You can also check your details yourself online at the website of the Government of Flanders: Studentenportaal. Attempting to use a study certificate in these cases may be interpreted as an abuse of the system.