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Bachelor of Computer Science
Academic year :

Model path part 1

Compulsory courses

Calculus9sp2nd semester
Peeters, Werner
Computer Graphics6sp2nd semester
Van Houdt, Benny
Computersystems and -architecture9sp1st semester
Vangheluwe, Hans
Discrete Mathematics9sp1st semester
Symens, Stijn
Data abstraction and structures6sp1st semester
Laenens, Els
Introduction to programming9sp1st semester
Calders, Toon
Project Software Engineering6sp2nd semester
Demeyer, Serge
Languages and Machines6sp2nd semester
Laenens, Els

Model path part 2

Compulsory courses

Algorithms and Complexity6sp2nd semester
Geerts, Floris
Compilers6sp2nd semester
Perez, Guillermo Alberto
Computer networks6sp2nd semester
Blondia, Chris
Elementary Statistics3sp2nd semester
Verdonck, Tim
Advanced Programming6sp1st semester
Oramas Mogrovejo, José Antonio
Introduction to databases6sp1st semester
Calders, Toon
Linear algebra6sp1st semester
Verschoren, Alain
Machines and Computability6sp1st semester
Laenens, Els
Numerical Analysis3sp2nd semester
In't Hout, Karel
Programming project databases6sp2nd semester
Goethals, Bart
Operating Systems6sp1st semester
Van Houdt, Benny

Model path part 3

Compulsory courses

Artificial intelligence6sp1st semester
Goethals, Bart
Dissertation12sp2nd semester
Latré, Steven
Data structures and graph algorithms3sp2nd semester
Van Houdt, Benny
Physics6sp2nd semester
Hadermann, Joke
Distributed systems6sp1st semester
Oramas Mogrovejo, José Antonio
Software engineering6sp1st semester
Demeyer, Serge
Telecommunication systems6sp1st semester
Blondia, Chris
Scientific programming6sp1st semester
Cuyt, Annie
Compilers6sp2nd semester
Perez, Guillermo Alberto

Selection of broadening courses active pluralism and interculturalism

Active pluralism and interculturalism : your have to select 3 ECTS-credits in bachelor 2 or 3

World View: Religion, Atheism and Science3sp1st semester
Loobuyck, Patrick
World View: Religion, Atheism and Meaning3sp2nd semester
Van Herck, Walter
World View: Religion, Atheism and Culture3sp1st semester
Loobuyck, Patrick
World View: Religion, Atheism and Society3sp2nd semester
Loobuyck, Patrick
City and Diversity3sp2nd semester
De Munck, Bert
Oosterlynck, Stijn
Media and Digital Society3sp1st semester
Hellinckx, Peter
Poels, Karolien
Migration, Integration and Diversity3sp2nd semester
De Feyter, Koen
Absillis, Kevin
Van Praag, Lore
Freedom, Citizenship and Democracy3sp1st semester
Van Eekert, Geert
Loobuyck, Patrick
Global justice3sp2nd semester
Ferrando, Tomaso

Elective courses (6 ECTS)

You have to choose 6 ECTS-credits from the list below. You can also choose a course from another bachelor's programme within the Faculty of Science or the Faculty of Applied Economics or 2 courses from the bridging programme of the educational master. In that case, you have to submit a motivated request to the Study Progress Commission through the Helpdesk.

Code theory3sp1st semester
Symens, Stijn
Economics3sp1st semester
Bouckaert, Jan
Individual project6sp2nd semester
Laenens, Els
Introduction to Computational Biology3sp2nd semester
Laukens, Kris
Lab computer networks3sp2nd semester
Blondia, Chris
Applied logic3sp2nd semester
Laenens, Els

Bridging programme of the educational master : Global didactics and In-school training: orientation

General didactics3sp1st semester
Meeus, Wil
In-school training: orientation3sp1st semester
Struyf, Elke