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Master of International Relations and Diplomacy

Learning outcomes

1. The master knows the most important theories, approaches and concepts of international relations and diplomacy to be able to analyse international politics.

2. The master knows the current state of scientific research in the discipline of international relations and diplomacy.

3. The master has insight in political, historical, legal and economic problems and developments in international politics.

4. The master recognizes interests and power balances in international politics and can use this knowledge in negotiations.

5. The master has insight in the institutional architecture and the decision making process in the domain of international relations and diplomacy and can explain policy, using these insights.

6. The master can deal with complex problems in international relations in a creative, problem-solving way and can form a well considered – and if necessary an ethical – point of view about them.

7. The master can independently formulate a research question within the field of international relations and diplomacy and answer this question using scientific research methods typical for the study domain.

8. The master is able to make a contribution with regards to content to the preparation and execution of international negotiations.

9. The master has the ability to critically look at problems in international politics and is able to report on this orally and in writing – either independently or in a team - to peers.