To have your Flemish degree recognised abroad, contact the local NARIC office (National Academic Recognition Information Centre) of the country concerned. It will provide all necessary information about the procedure to follow and the documents you need.

Diplomas and diploma supplements of the University of Antwerp are issued in Dutch and in English. Because of this, in most cases you will not need to get your diploma and diploma supplement translated.

A foreign organisation may also ask for an Hague Apostille on your documents. This is an official stamp affixed to a degree which formally confirms that the signature(s) on the documents is (are) genuine.

How to get an Hague Apostille?

Authenticity of signature

You need an 'Authenticity of signature' confirmation. 

Contact the Flemish Ministry of Education and Training for this confirmation

Vlaams Ministerie van Onderwijs en Vorming

Dienst Legalisatie Diploma's

T: +32 2 553 87 76

Apostille on your diploma

Get the Hague Apostille on your diploma with the authenticity confirmation.

Contact the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs for this

FPS Foreign Affairs 

Service C3.5 - Legalisations 

T.: +32 2 501 81 11

Specific questions?

Any specific questions on recognition of documents?

Call +32 2 501 32 00