Master of Biomedical Sciences: Environmental and Health Sciences


This Dutch-taught programme will be discontinued as of September 2022.

This programme is taught in Dutch. On these pages, and for informational purposes only, we provide basic information about this programme in English.

To find out more, we kindly refer you to the detailed information in Dutch:

Programme info

Admission requirements


  • academic bachelor of biomedical sciences
  • academic bachelor of biochemistry and biotechnology
  • academic bachelor of biology
  • academic bachelor of pharmaceutical sciences
  • academic bachelor of veterinary medicine
  • academic bachelor of medicine
  • academic bachelor of bio-engineering sciences: cell and gene biotechnology
  • NL: bachelor biomedical sciences, biology, veterinary sciences, pharmaceutical sciences, medicine, pharmacy

It is advised to contact the study progress counsellor to see whether there are gaps that need to be fixed through self-study.

After permission

Other academic bachelors or masters, to check with the study progress counsellor.

With bridging programme

  • professional bachelor in biomedical laboratory technology (majors: medical laboratory techology and pharmaceutical and biological techniques)