Micro-credential: Critical Success (F)Actors: Heritage Participation and Brokerage

Admission and enrolment

Admission requirements

Courses are being taught on an academic master’s level. Participants should be holder of a bachelor’s degree (academically or professionally).

Admission following a motivated request is possible for others.

All participants should possess adequate knowledge of English (on an academic level).


You need the faculty's permission to take micro-credential courses. 

Next, you have to enrol as a diploma contract student.

Tuition fee

The tuition fee has a fixed component of 400 euros and a variable component which is a cost of 20 euros per credit you enrol for. This sums up to 520 euros.

Student account and student card

You'll have access to all our student facilities: on-campus WiFi, the student portal and online learning platform, your student mailbox, the library, syllabus shops...