We warmly welcome you!

If you fulfil the admission criteria you are now ready to enrol.

When you enrol at the University of Antwerp you also sign a contract with the university. This means that you commit to obtaining a degree or credits for the programme or programme components you enrol in.

Not a degree student?
Do you deviate from the standard 'enrolment as a degree student'?  Please check this page.

You enrol in 5 steps and in 2020, you do everything remotely.

(we do provide help if necessary)

1. Online preregistration

At the end you will get a document – your preregistration form – that contains all the relevant information for your enrolment.

2. Sign your preregistration form and send in your enrolment file

Enrolments for the academic year 2020-2021 took place between 1 July and 14 October 2020.

In order to know how you should submit your file (digitally or by post), two questions are important!  The answers will also give you to important information about which documents your enrolment file should contain.  Important, do not mix the two ways of sending!

Can you sign your preregistration form in a correct way?

You can sign your preregistration form digitally :

  • If you have an electronic identity card (e.g. a Belgian eID or a Belgian electronic card for foreign nationals), a PIN code for the card, an eID card reader and Acrobat Reader. Instructions can be found on the website of the Belgian identity card eID.be.


  • by creating a valid self-signed digital ID with Acrobat Reader and signing your form with this certificate. In that case you have to include the certificate in the digital enrolment file (see instructions after answering the second question about your degree).


  • by signing the preregistration form manually and scanning the form.  This is only valid if we can compare your signature with the one in your passport (updated method due to the corona situation)

This works!
Great! Now check if your degree can be verified digitally.

This doesn’t work!
Submit your enrolment file by post.


Can we verify your degree digitally?

We can verify your degree digitally if one of the following situations applies to you:

  • You have obtained a Flemish degree
    Check if your degree is available as authentic information (and not as a declaration of honour) in the Leer- en ErvaringsbewijzenDatabank LED (login with eID required) of the Flemish Government.  More information can be found here.
  • You have obtained a Dutch degree
    Check if your degree is available in the DUO diplomaregister and send it to us following these instructions.
  • You have received degree equivalence of your foreign degree through NARIC
    Check if NARIC’s degree equivalence decision is a PDF with a secure digital signature or if it is available in the Leer- en ErvaringsbewijzenDatabank LED (login with Belgian eID required) of the Flemish Government (upload in LED planned by the summer of 2020). The NARIC PDF together with a scan of the original degree should be present in your enrolment file.
  • You have a Letter of Acceptance without additional diploma conditions
    If you have gone through the 'admission procedure' for students with a foreign degree and you have received your Letter of Acceptance on which there are no extra conditions with regard to your degree, we have already verified your degree.  A copy of the Letter of Acceptance should be present in your enrolment file.
  • You have obtained a degree at the University of Antwerp
    If you have obtained a degree at the University of Antwerp (or at one of its predecessors (RUCA, UFSIA, UIA)) we can check your degree in or own records.
  • You have obtained an International Baccalaureat Diploma (awarded by the "Office du Baccalauréat international")
    Ask you school to give permission to the University of Antwerp to check your results online.  In that case, you only have to complete your enrolment file wit a scan of your diploma.  We can verify your diploma online.
  • You have a degree from another educational institution that has a digital verification platform
    Check if your educational institution has a digital platform on which your degree can be verified and if your degree contains instructions for verification.  A scan of your degree and the instrcutions should be present in your enrolment file.
    Please note that the degree should be in Dutch, English, French or German. If this is not the case, a legalized translation in one of this languages is required and you will need to submit your file by post.


This works too! My preregistration form can be signed digitally and my degree can be verified digitally.
Submit your enrolment file through the helpdesk.

Too bad, my degree cannot be verified digitally.
Submit your enrolment file by post.


3. Wait for a confirmation…

After your enrolment file has been processed, you will receive a document with the confirmation of your enrolment and your student account.

In the document you will also find information for the payment of the tuition fee. By submitting your enrolment file, tuition fees are owed.

4. Pay your tuition fee and upload a photo for your student card in SisA

Do this as soon as possible as we can only make your study card and send it to your postal address after you have done this. Your student card with your student number and photo is unique and your personal property. Make sure you always have it with you on campus. You use the student card for exams, the student restaurant, to buy study material ….

5. Put together your course list

After enrolment, you need to put together your course list so you can participate in lessons and exams. You do this using the SisA selfservice module. Register for the programme components you wish to take during this academic year. If you have any questions or problems relating to this registration procedure, please contact the faculty which is responsible for your programme.