We warmly welcome you!

If you fulfil the admission criteria you are ready to enrol.

The academic year 2024-2025 starts on Monday 23 September 2024. Enrolments starts on Monday 1 July 2024. Online preregistrations can be started already.

Please note that enrolments for the academic year 2023-2024 are no longer possible possible (except for PhD students with a letter of acceptance for 2023-2024; enrolment possible until 30 May 2024).

When you enrol at the University of Antwerp you sign a contract with the university. This means that you commit to obtaining a degree for the programme you enrol in.

Not a degree student?
Do you deviate from the standard 'enrolment as a degree student'?  Please check this page.

Before you start the online preregistration: Collect the necessary documents

To successfully complete the preregistration form, degree students will need the following documents:

  • a color scan of your passport (pdf)
  • a color scan of your degree or equivalent certificate, such as a letter of acceptance from the admission application (pdf)
  • a digital photo of your face for your student card (jpg)

Depending on your situation, we might also ask you to upload additional documents such as

  • a valid Belgian residence permit or Belgian visa (pdf)
  • a Dutch or English language certificate (pdf).

Important information for international students, especially if you require a visa

Please note that physical attendance in the lectures is the normal situation. We expect international students to arrive in Belgium before or short after the start of the academic year. This means that if you require a visa this should have been applied for well before 15 August to have a reasonable chance to arrive on time in Belgium. Please be aware that when you arrive in Belgium too late after the start of the academic year the Belgian government could refuse to grant you a residence permit which would make it necessary to terminate your enrolment.

If you would like to enrol before you arrive in Belgium (and already get some information) then we need proof that you indeed obtained a visa. We therefore ask you to upload a scan of your visa in your online preregistration in the Attachment-section of the preregistration

Step 1: Complete and submit the online preregistration

Important: the online preregistration is not an admission application form. If you need a permission or a letter of acceptance to enrol, as stated in the admission requirements, and do not have it, you cannot use the online preregistration. Abuse of the preregistration for this purpose, could cause refusal of future enrolment.

The online preregistration will supply us with the necessary information we need to process your enrolment. Completing the online preregistration takes about 30 minutes.

You start the preregistration using a password of your choice or using Authentication Flanders. In the latter case you can use your Belgian electronic identity card (eID) or your (Belgian) itsme® identity. Through Authentication Vlaanderen we receive your Belgian national number, first name and family name. We then retrieve your date and place of birth, gender, nationality and address using the education database of the Flemish government. This data is processed according to the guidelines of our privacy policy. This will ensure a smooth start when filling out the form.

Do you use Hotmail or Outlook? Please add the mail domein @uantwerpen.be to your 'Safe Senders List' in your mail application to avoid that our responses end up in your spam folder.​

We can process your preregistration completely digitally if we are able to digitally verify your diploma (or certificates). Please check in advance whether this is possible in your case.

Can we verify your degree (or certificates) digitally?

We can verify your degree and/or certificates digitally if one of the following situations applies to you:

  • You have obtained a Flemish degree
    Check if your degree is available as authentic information (and not as a declaration of honour) in the Leer- en ErvaringsbewijzenDatabank LED (login with eID required) of the Flemish Government.  More information can be found here. If your diploma should be present in the LED, we do not accept any other documents.
  • You have obtained a Dutch degree
    Check if your degree is available in My Diploma of DUO and send it to us following these instructions. If your diploma should be present in My Diploma, we do not accept any other documents.
  • You have received degree equivalence of your foreign degree through NARIC
    Check if NARIC’s degree equivalence certificate is a PDF with a secure digital signature or if it is available in the Leer- en ErvaringsbewijzenDatabank LED (login with Belgian eID required) of the Flemish Government. The NARIC PDF with the secure digital signature should be uploaded in your preregistration.
  • You have a Letter of Acceptance without additional diploma conditions
    If you have gone through an admission procedure using Mobility Online (this applies to students with a foreign degree or PhD students) and you have received your Letter of Acceptance on which there are no extra conditions with regard to your degree, we have already verified your degree.  A copy of the Letter of Acceptance should be uploaded in your preregistration.
    If additional conditions apply, such as showing your obtained original (legalised) degree, you will have to make an appointment with the Registrar's Office. You will receive the instructions by e-mail.
  • You have obtained a degree at the University of Antwerp
    If you have obtained a degree at the University of Antwerp (or at one of its predecessors (RUCA, UFSIA, UIA)) we can check your degree in our own records. You can upload a scan of your degree in your preregistration.
  • You have obtained an International Baccalaureat Diploma (awarded by the "Office du Baccalauréat international")
    Ask you school to give permission to the University of Antwerp to check your results online.  In that case, you only have to upload a scan of your diploma in your preregistration.  We can then verify your diploma online.
  • You have a degree and/or certificate from another educational institution that has a digital verification platform or the degree and/or certificate contains an e-seal or digital signature
    Check if your educational institution has a digital platform on which your degree or certificate can be verified and if your degree or certificate contains instructions for verification.  A scan of your degree or certificate and the instructions should be uploaded in your preregistration.
    We also accepts documents which have been digitally signed or stamped by the awarding institution using international qualification standards. It should be possible to verify the seal or signature with Acrobat Reader. 
    Please note that the degree should be in Dutch, English, French or German. If this is not the case, a legalized translation in one of this languages is required and you will need to submit your file in person.


This works! My degree and/or certificate can be verified digitally.
In that case you can go for the full digital experience. Your file will be checked and if everything is in order, you can proceed to the next step.

Too bad, my degree and/or certificate cannot be verified digitally.
In that case we will ask you during the processing of your preregistration to come to the city campus to present your original degree or certificate. You will have to make an appointment with the Registrar's Office. You will receive the instructions to book an appointment when we cannot verify your degree. Your file will be checked together with you and if everything is in order, you can proceed to the next step.

Important: turn off any automatic translators you might have running in your browser before starting the preregistration. They will interfere with the preregistration and could lead to incorrect information.

Please note that the online preregistration is NOT an admission application.

Step 2: Sign the contract and complete the enrolment

If the information and documents you uploaded in the online preregistration or presented on campus (after appointment) is in order, we will present you with an enrolment agreement. After we have received the signed agreement, we can complete your enrolment. You will receive a document with the confirmation of your enrolment and your student account.

Step 3:  Pay your tuition fee

Together with your student account you will, if applicable*, also receive the payment details for the tuition fee. After enrolment, tuition fees are always owed, even if you end your enrolment.

Pay your tuition fee as soon as possible as we can only print your student card and send it to your postal address in Belgium after we received your payment. Your student card with your student number and photo is unique and your personal property. Make sure you always have it with you on campus. You use the student card for exams, the student restaurant, to buy study material ….

*A tuition fee does not apply to guest students. The tuition fees of postgraduate programmes and some advanced masters are collected by the concerned organisers.

To complete: Select your courses in your study portal SisA

After enrolment in the selected programme(s), you still need to put together your course list so you can participate in lessons and exams. You do this using the selfservice module of the Student information system of the University of Antwerp (SisA). Register for the programme components you wish to take during this academic year. If you have any questions or problems relating to this registration procedure, please contact the faculty which is responsible for your programme.