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Micro-credential: Laboratory Animal Science - Fish - Function ACD

Micro-credential: Laboratory Animal Science: Fish

4 ECTS-credits

Laboratory Animal Science - Fish
Course code:
Credit obtained for LAS core module
Contact hours:
4 ECTS-credits
Study load (hours):
Contract restrictions:
Exam contract not possible
Language of instruction:
Exam Period:
exam in the 1st semester
Study domain:
Biomedical Sciences

The theoretical part of the course is offered via face-to-face lectures and online study materials. In addition, the course has different skill training sessions, including their assessment using DOPS (Direct Observation of Procedural Skills). These training sessions should be attended in person. During the course, participants work in groups of 3-4 students and need to develop and write a non-technical summary of an animal experiment that involves the use of live fish. Interactive feedback on the writing process is provided at regular intervals. The course is concluded with a written exam covering the theoretical part.


Written examination without oral presentation
- Closed book
- 20 multiple choice questions (linear grading scale): 25% of the final score
- 2-4 open questions: 25% of the final score

Practical skills test (no second assessment period), assessed using DOPS (Direct Observation of Procedural Skills)
- 25% of the final score
- Handling and restraint
- Welfare assessment
- Minimally invasive procedures
- Anaesthesia for minor procedures
- Humane methods of killing

Written assignment (no second assessment period)
- 25% of the final score
- Short description of a designed fish experiment
- Non-technical summary of the designed fish experiment

In order to obtain a credit for the course "Laboratory Animal Science - Fish", students are required to:
- Obtain a grade of at least 5/10 for the Theory exam (multiple choice + open questions)
- and obtain a grade at least 5/10 on the summed score "practical skills test + written assignment"
- Skills are assessed and graded during the practical sessions. Participation is therefore mandatory.