Master of Environmental Science

Master of Environmental Science

This programme is taught in Dutch. On these pages, and for informational purposes only, we provide basic information about this programme in English.

To find out more, we kindly refer you to the detailed information in Dutch:

Programme info

Admission requirements

  • Direct: diploma of bachelor or master in  agogics, public administration and public management, biochemistry and biotechnology, bio-engineering sciences, biology, biomedical sciences, biosciences, business engineering, business engineering in management information systems, chemistry, communication studies, criminology, veterinary medicine, economic sciences, pharmaceutical sciences, physics, physics and astronomy, geography, medicine, geology, commercial sciences,computer science, industrial sciences, engineering sciences, logopaedics and audiology, environmental and prevention management, nautical sciences, education and information sciences, education sciences, instructional and educational sciences, paedagogics, political sciences, product development, psychology, law, social and economic sciences, sociology, applied economic sciences, mathematics.
  • Diploma of professional bachelor of business management (option environmental management), chemistry (environmental care), integral safety, secondary education, social work and  agro-biotechnology and having successfully completed the bridging programme in environmental sciences.
  • All other training programmes: after approval of the application file from which appear previously acquired and proven competences in one of the above mentioned training programmes.