Quality assurance, facts and figures

Quality assurance

At the University of Antwerp we ensure the quality of our programmes. Every programme goes through a quality assurance cycle of six years.

In year three, we review the quality assurance of the programme during the internal process monitoring and control. In spring 2018 this was done for the master of Laws.

A peer review in year six concludes the cycle. The study programme conducts a self-reflection and has  discussions with internal and external experts and with an independent student. On 3th and 4th of May 2022 the peer review team visited the master of Laws and decided to confirm its confidence in the programme.

Conclusions of the peer review team

The peerreviewteam was impressed by the educational concept. The competence-oriented education is an asset. The attention for the students, especially the starting students, has been noticed. The master's programme is distinguished by a compulsory internship that students can complete in different areas of law, several sectors and even abroad. During the coming years, the programme will work on an extensive bachelor reform to further strengthen its education.

The programmes are carried out by a dedicated team. This team is continuously focusing on a well-established culture of consultation. In this way, the programmes are built on a high-performance culture of quality. Moreover, the programmes can be proud of various good practices in their educational practice. The programme has already put a lot of effort into a language proficiency programme, including entry-level tests and remedial measures. She’s planning on updating her policy on language skills for law students. Work will also be done on generating uniform guidelines on study load for all courses.

The substantive choice for a strong branch of tax law, including an advanced master's programme, but also a specialization in the regular master's programme, is certainly an asset. The European recognition as a state-of-the-art Customs academic programme is a perfect example.

Internationalization is highly regarded: the effort to maximize quality internationalization opportunities is remarkable.

Facts and figures

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