Quality assurance, facts and figures

Quality assurance

At the University of Antwerp we ensure the quality of our programmes. Every programme goes through a quality assurance cycle of six years.

In year three we review the quality assurance of the programme during the internal process monitoring and control. In spring 2018 this was done for the bachelor and master of laws.

Year six concludes the cycle with a peer review. The study programme reflects on itself and has a discussions with internal and external experts and with an independent student. In spring 2021 the peer review team will visit the bachelor and master of laws.

The programme is characterized by the following strengths according to the visitation report of 2016, the follow-up plan after the visitation and based on the internal process monitoring and control. The programme is further strengthened by working on the following points.

There is a good balance in the curriculum of the Bachelor's and Master's programme between the legal courses, the auxiliary sciences, exercises and skills.

Although much courses are taught in large student groups, lecturers use various interactive forms of education. To support students, there are web lectures and interactive revision, feedback and practice lectures. The program pays a lot of attention to skills in the bachelor and in the master. The programme pays attention to the supervision and support of first-year students with entry tests and mock exams and a personal coach. For weaker students there are language tests with accompanying remediation and study path guidance. For stronger students, the trajectory of prospective researchers and the English master's program is an additional challenge.

As a result of the visitation report, the study programme is made more flexible, without affecting the coherence. Students receive more feedback on language proficiency exercises, with specific attention to equal assessment criteria across courses.

To improve language teaching, the program has reformulated the language competences, aligned language courses and the subject "Foreign legal systems" better, and provides students with basic legal terminology in different languages. This enhancement is a good basis for the deepening of international competences and competences related to comparative law.

Read the entire public report (pdf - 140kb)

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Facts and figures

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