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Master of Physics
Academic year :

Model Path over 2 years: specialisation Nanophysics

The student has to acquire a minimum of 120 ECTS-credits.

Compulsory courses in general physics (30 ECTS-credits)

The student has to acquire all 30 ECTS-credits from the list below.

Advanced quantum mechanics6sp1st semester
Partoens, Bart
Atom and molecule structure6sp1st semester
Van Doorslaer, Sabine
Mathematical methods in theoretical physics6sp1st semester
Wouters, Michiel
Statistical and mathematical physics6sp2nd semester
Wouters, Michiel
Symmetry in physics6sp2nd semester
Partoens, Bart

Master thesis (30 ECTS-credits)

Master project in physics (30 ECTS-credits)

Master thesis physics including internship30sp2nd semester
Tempere, Jacques

Compulsory courses in nanophysics (18 ECTS-credits)

The student has to acquire all 18 ECTS-credits from the list below.

Computational Materials Physics6sp1st semester
Cottenier, Stefaan
Microscopy and spectroscopy of nanosystems6sp1st semester
Hadermann, Joke
Cambré, Sofie
Altantzis, Thomas
Physics of low-dimensional systems6sp1st semester
Covaci, Lucian

Optional courses in nanophysics (42 ECTS-credits)

The student has to choose a total of 42 ECTS-credits either from the list below, optional courses from another research module of the Dutch master programme, the general list of optional courses of the Dutch master programme, or from another master's programme (upon approval).

Academic Literacies for Scientists3sp1st semester
Van Hout, Tom
Advanced electron microscopy3sp2nd semester
Béché, Armand
Pennycook, Timothy
Biosensors and bioelectronics3sp2nd semester
Lammertyn, Jeroen
Neuro Data Processing5sp1st semester
Keliris, Georgios A.
Computational physics6sp2nd semester
Milosevic, Milorad
Device physics3sp2nd semester
Magnus, Wim
Internship12sp2nd semester
Milosevic, Milorad
Path Integrals in Quantum Mechanics6sp1st semester
Tempere, Jacques
Project microscopy and spectroscopy3sp2nd semester
Pennycook, Timothy
Project physics of low-dimensional systems3sp2nd semester
Milosevic, Milorad
Solid state physics6sp2nd semester
Tempere, Jacques
Selected topics in differential geometry and analysis6sp2nd semester
Hohloch, Sonja
Mestdag, Tom
Superconductivity and superfluidity6sp1st semester
Tempere, Jacques
Surface physics3sp2nd semester
Peeters, Francois
X-ray (micro)tomography3sp2nd semester
Sijbers, Jan