Master of Teaching in Science and Technology: Biochemistry & Biotechnology
Academic year :

Model Path part 1

Domain specific component

History of science and society6sp2nd semester
De Munck, Bert
Soens, Tim

Compulsory courses Biochemistry and biotechnology

Gene and genome technology6sp1st semester
Timmerman, Vincent
Protein technology and proteome analysis6sp1st semester
Dewilde, Sylvia
Advanced immunology4sp1st semester
De Meester, Ingrid
Molecular neuropathology4sp1st semester
Kumar-Singh, Samir
Genetic epidemiology4sp2nd semester
Sleegers, Kristel
Modeling and structure determination of biomolecules4sp2nd semester
Van Doorslaer, Sabine
Applied cell biology4sp2nd semester
Vanden Berghe, Wim
Medical cell biology4sp2nd semester
Ponsaerts, Peter

Teaching component

3sp1st semester
Colpaert, Jozef
Smits, Tom
Struyf, Elke
3sp2nd semester
Colpaert, Jozef
Struyf, Elke
Schelfhout, Wouter
Teaching methodology chemistry with practice sessions6sp1st/2nd sem.
Pinxten, Annie
In-school training: completion 1 chemistry5sp2nd semester
Pinxten, Annie

Model Path part 2