Quality assurance and figures

Quality assurance

At the University of Antwerp, we ensure the quality of our programmes. Every programme goes through a quality assurance cycle of six years.

In year 3, a balance is drawn up of the quality assurance of the programme during internal process monitoring and control. In autumn 2018 this took place for the master of Political Science.

Year six concludes the cycle with a peer review. The study programme reflects on itself and has a discussions with internal and external experts and with an independent student. In the autumn of 2021 the peer review team will visit the master of Political Science.

The programme is characterized by the following strengths according to the visitation report of 2016, the follow-up plan after the visitation and based on the internal process monitoring and control. The programmes are further strengthened by working on the following points:

The programmes in political science are strong courses. The bachelor's degree, for example, is praised for its broad and clear profile. The recently introduced English-taught master's programme will also offer an opportunity to make the focus of the profile of the master's programme clearer to the outside world. In any case, the structure of the English-taught master's programme has been established steadily, self-consciously and well considered and is without doubt an asset to the international character of the faculty and the programmes in Political Science at UAntwerp.

A strength of the different programmes is the way in which they are organized. The close, well-considered and cumulative structure through clear learning tracks throughout the study programmes is greatly appreciated. Additionally, there a strong commitment to work with activating methods in the bachelor’s programme. In the master's programme there is also a strong commitment to focus sufficiently on practice. Absolute assets are the skills lab and the (optional) research internship that students can opt for. It is likely that the focus on practice and on the professional field will be strengthened further if the programmes succeed in re-establishing the sounding board group with representatives of their work field.

Read the entire public report (pdf - 161kb)

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