Learning outcomes

Dutch-taught Bachelor of Political Science

1. The Bachelor can describe and interpret the main theories and research in the broad domain of political sciences, well situated in a general social-scientific perspective.

2. The Bachelor knows the main research methods in the field of social sciences in general and in political sciences in particular. Based on this knowledge of methods the Bachelor is able to carry out and/or start and develop scientific or policy-oriented research, independently or in team.

3. The Bachelor has an analytical attitude to social-scientific problems in general and problems of political processes in particular.

4. The Bachelor is able to evaluate with nuance and shows to be open to different political, cultural and philosophical opinions.

5. The Bachelor has a sense of social responsibility.

6. The Bachelor is able to reflect upon the broad field of politics in general, without losing sight of the complex interplay of social, political, economical and cultural aspects.

7. The Bachelor is able to clearly define and interpret basic and core concepts in the domain of political sciences.

8. The Bachelor is able to write and present a scientific report in the field of politics.

9. The Bachelor is able to discuss and reason, recognize sophisms, develop standards for argumentation, recognize plausible points of view, take a critical stand.

10. The Bachelor is able to read, understand and analyse scientific and journalistic texts in Dutch, in French and in English.

11. The Bachelor is able to work with electronic learning and research instruments.

12. The Bachelor has an internationally oriented attitude.