Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy

Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy

The science you need to take your clinical skills to the next level

As a physiotherapist you are not only a healthcare provider, but also a scientist and a healthcare manager. In this Master's programme you will acquire and develop the competencies you need in these professional roles. The programme offers evidence-based clinical education of rehabilitation in combination with comprehensive training in scientific research. Active and student-centred learning, a broad mixture of teaching and examination methods, a Master’s thesis, and clinical internships are the cornerstones of this unique programme. 

As a Master of Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy graduate you will have the necessary practical skills and theoretical knowledge to start a professional career as a physiotherapy practitioner and/or scientific scholar.

Why study Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy in Antwerp?

  • Hands-on and academic. Your training as a professional healthcare provider and healthcare manager goes hand in hand with an academic approach. In addition to clinical traineeships and practical lessons, scientific research is predominant.
  • Inspiring clinical internships. Gain hands-on experience as an intern in different clinical locations in Antwerp and its periphery. An internship abroad is also possible.  
  • International exposure. The classrooms are diverse and international. You will work with students from all over the world, as well as with local students.  
  • Evidence based learning. Scientifically based knowledge and insights are the foundation of your studies. The cross-fertilization of subject-specific skills with clinical input makes you a versatile professional.
  • Green campus and the city within reach. Your classes are held on Campus Drie Eiken, located in the green outskirts of Antwerp. You will have lectures in large, modern auditoriums and practice your skills in the well-equipped practical rooms.