Admission and enrolment

Meet the admission requirements?

First of all, make sure you are eligible to start the programme.

Have to apply?

If you don't have a Bachelor's or Master's degree from a higher education institution in Belgium, the Netherlands or Luxembourg, or if you need to apply for a visa you always need to follow an application procedure before you can enrol. Make sure to check the deadlines.

Otherwise, you can go straight through to enrolment.

Tuition fees

Your tuition fee is calculated based on how many credits you are using by registering for courses and is subject to yearly revision. You can find more detailed and recent information on the general tuition fee pages of University of Antwerp

Tuition fees for non-EEA nationals & scholarships

The faculty has approved a general tuition fee reduction (400 euro + 45 euro/credit) for all non-EEA nationals when enrolling in the bridging programme or in the Master of Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy. Students do not need to apply for the reduction. However, the faculty has to inform the Registrar's Office about the participants before it takes effect. 

The University of Antwerp does not grant scholarships. However, the university does participate in several programmes that offer scholarships.