Master of Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy

The Master of Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy is specifically designed for students who are motivated to pursue advanced studies in the domain of rehabilitation and physiotherapy. The programme focusses on the scientific perspective and evidence-based practice in physiotherapy and comprises a balance between theoretical training and clinical practice.

During this two-year programme, you deepen your role as a care provider, care manager and scientific researcher, and integrate it into practice. During your internships, you will become acquainted with a multitude of patients and conditions.

What to expect?

Year 1: State-of-the-art lectures and skills training

The compulsory courses in the first year (60 ECTS) will help you to integrate your existing knowledge within the field of Physiotherapy. Teaching methods vary from class contact teaching to individual tasks, group assignments and practical session in smaller groups.

During the spring semester, you will spend 12 weeks on clinical internships during which you will learn how to deal with a variety of patients and diseases within private practices or hospitals in Belgium or abroad.

You will conclude your first year with a Master’s thesis that is based on a systematic literature review. 

Year 2: Specialisation and Master’s thesis

In the second year (60 ECTS) all courses are related to the field of your major:

  • Neurological conditions: this major focusses on the theoretical aspects of advanced methods in neurological rehabilitation.
  • Internal conditions: this major focusses on the theoretical aspects of advanced methods in rehabilitation of patients with respiratory, cardiovascular and/or metabolic disorders. 

The specialised courses of the second year are organised in collaboration with other Flemish universities and thus include expertise from various top-class research groups.

You will also do clinical internships related to your major (13 weeks), write an evidence-based practice case report and finish your Master’s thesis. You will conduct scientific research (preferably in line with the thesis of year 1) within the domain of rehabilitation and physiotherapy, analyse data and publish the results as a scientific paper.