This status gives you:

  • Support through coaching tailored to your needs.

    The coaching is provided by experts associated with UAntwerp, TAKEOFFANTWERP and/or other UAntwerp partners.

    ​Coaching is made to measure and can cover various areas of expertise such as:
    • ​intellectual property
    • finance
    • business modelling
    • costing
    • business planning
    • networking, and so on.

      The exact content of your coaching sessions will be determined during the intake session at TAKEOFFANTWERP (see below).
  • Special considerations 
    As a student entrepreneur, you can request special educational and/or exam considerations through the Study Advice and Student Counselling Service. 
  • In addition, TAKEOFFANTWERP provides access to work or office space, meeting rooms and participation in TAKEOFFANTWERP events.

Please note that you will need to reapply for the status every academic year!


Students who run their own businesses or are planning to launch businesses in the next year qualify for the status of student entrepreneur.


To qualify for student entrepreneur status you must meet several conditions:

About your company:

  1. You have already set up a company, for example, a sole proprietorship, partnership, non-profit association or other recognised company type
  2. You have a specific idea: you must be able to present a first draft of your business plan to demonstrate the potential of your idea

About your studies:

  1. You have already acquired at least 60 credits
  2. You have obtained credit certificates for at least 60% of the credits earned during the previous academic year

You should also be prepared to present your company at the closing event of TAKEOFFANTWERP.

Upon being granted the status, you should arrange an intake (start-up supervision) at TAKEOFFANTWERP.


  • Step 1: Fill in the online form ‘student-entrepreneur status application' (Dutch)

    • First semester: 12 October 2022
    • Second semester: 1 March 2023

      Students who do not submit their applications on time will not be able to enjoy the benefits of the status and accompanying special considerations during that semester. 
  • Step 2
    After completing the online form, you will receive a confirmation email with the details of your preference for the mandatory general session.

    In a next step you will have a mandatory intake interview with Isabelle Yaramis, student counselor for student entrepreneurs. Based on this conversation, you can be referred to appropriate coaching without obligation.               


TAKEOFFANTWERP is an initiative led by the Antwerp University Association (University of Antwerp, Artesis Plantijn University College, Antwerp Maritime Academy and Karel de Grote University College) and the city of Antwerp which aims to support entrepreneurship among students.