Maaheen Ahmed is an associate professor at Ghent University and principal investigator of the COMICS project, funded by a European Research Council Starting Grant.

  • Lecture: "The comics child and practices of othering"
  • Comics workshop: "How to read comics children? Trajectories of the carnivalesque and interiority"
  • Comics workshop: "Child-animal relationships in comics"
Cristina Bacchilega

Cristina Bacchilega is a Professor and Graduate Director in the English Department at the University of Hawai‘i-Mānoa where she teaches fairy tales and their adaptations, folklore and literature, and cultural studies.


Julia Benner

Julia Benner is a tenure-track Professor for Modern German Literature and Children’s and Young Adult Literature and Media at the Institute of German Literature at the Humboldt-University, Berlin.



Ada Bieber

Ada Bieber, PhD, teaches and researches in the Department of German Literature at Humboldt-University, Berlin.


Bambi Ceuppens

Bambi Ceuppens holds a PhD in social anthropology from the University of St Andrews, Scotland. She is curator, senior researcher and research commissioner (humanities) of the new permanent exhibition of the Royal Museum of Central Africa in Tervuren.

  • Lecture / workshop: tba



Vanessa Joosen

Vanessa Joosen is associate professor of English literature and children’s literature at the University of Antwerp.

  • Fairy Tales workshop: "Rewriting the fairy tale, revising age? Age studies and Gillian Crosses' Wolf"



Michelle H. Martin

Michelle H. Martin is the Beverly Cleary Endowed Professor for Children and Youth Services in the Information School at the University of Washington, where she teaches graduate courses in children’s and young adult literature and youth services.


Philip Nel

Philip Nel is University Distinguished Professor of English at Kansas State University. His most recent book is Was the Cat in the Hat Black?: The Hidden Racism of Children’s Literature, and the Need for Diverse Books (Oxford UP, 2017).

Maria Nikolajeva

Maria Nikolajeva is a Professor of Education at the University of Cambridge, UK, where she teaches children’s literature and literary theory.

  • Lecture: "Emotions and ethics in fairy tales and fantasy"
  • Fairy Tales workshop: "Fairy-tale characters have no feelings, right? Cognitive approaches to fairy tales"
  • Fantasy workshop: "Cognitive-affective engagement with fantasy space"
Stijn Praet

Stijn Praet works as a postdoctoral researcher and lecturer at Ghent University’s Department of Literary Studies, where he performs research on fairy tales, medieval Latin literature, literary self-consciousness and narrative framing, and teaches courses in literary translation and fairy tale studies.

Karen Sands-O'Connor

Karen Sands-O’Connor is Professor of English at SUNY Buffalo State College, where she teaches children’s literature, contemporary British literature, and literary criticism.  She is a 2018 recipient of the SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Scholarly and Creative Activity, and a 2015-6 Leverhulme Visiting Professor at Newcastle University in the UK.

  • Lecture: "Black Power and Black Activism in Children's Literature"
  • Diversity workshop: "Comics, Colonialism and Counter-colonialism"
  • Fantasy workshop: Mapping Diversity in Fantasy Literature for Children
Véronique Sina

Véronique Sina is a Research Associate at the Department of Media Culture and Theatre (Institut für Medienkultur und Theater) at the University of Cologne. As a postdoctoral researcher she is working in the realm of Gender and Queer Studies, Media Studies, Visual Studies, Holocaust Studies and Jewish Cultural Studies.

  • Lecture: "Wonder Women and Super Girls – Looking for Gender and Diversity in Comics"
  • Comics workshop: "Holocaust Comics and children's literature – Analysing DE ZOEKTOCHT (2007) and AUSCHWITZ (2000)"
  • Comics workshop: "Queering Comics. Coming out and coming of age in LE BLEU EST UNE COULEUR CHAUDE (2010)"
Joe Sutliff Sanders

Joe Sutliff Sanders is University Lecturer in children’s literature in the Faculty of Education at the University of Cambridge. His most recent book is A Literature of Questions:  Nonfiction for the Critical Child (Minnesota UP, 2018).

  • Lecture: "'The Funniness Comes from Outside': Comics, Stereotyping, and Humor"
  • Comics workshop: "Graphic Craft and Comic Tragedy: Ironizing the Grammar of Comics"
  • Fantasy workshop: "Fantasy in Fables and Reflections"
Sara Van den Bossche

Sara Van den Bossche is Assistant Professor of Children’s Literature Studies at Tilburg University (the Netherlands). Her main teaching and research topics are ethnic and cultural diversity, literary competence, canonisation, adaptation, picture books, and crossover literature.

  • Lecture: "Beyond the Mirror? Proposing a Paradigm for the Development of Culturally Critical Literacy"
  • Diversity workshop: "Culturally Critical Literacy: From Paradigm to Practice"
Helma van Lierop-Debrauwer

Helma van Lierop-Debrauwer is professor of children’s literature and coordinator of the Children’s and Adolescent Literature MA at Tilburg University. She also participates in the International Children’s Literature, Culture and Media MA which will start in September 2019.


Karin E. Westman

Karin E. Westman serves as Associate Professor and Department Head of English at Kansas State University, where she teaches and conducts research on 20th and 21st century British literature, including children's / young adult literatures and women's literature.

  • Fantasy workshop: "Harry Potter in the 21st Century: Realism, Fantasy, and Fan Culture"