The practical sessions were based on real-life cases. The constant interaction between theoretical sessions and group work activities really added value to the programme.

Ahmed, Egypt

I really enjoyed this summer school. It was a fantastic experience where I learnt so much and was able to make friends with others students with similar interests from all over the world!

Sanjay, India

I honestly like it so much. My brain was cramped with new things in a good way.

Sophia, UK

The programme is well packed with lots of lectures and workshops. You learn things hands on, it is not only theoretical. It gives you the chance to see the practical side of businesses.

Leye, Nigeria

I really liked the social programme: a good variation between team-building activities and sightseeing trips. We went to Flanders’ Fields, Burges and Ghent for free!

Suzanne, Netherlands

Meeting people from all over the world was very enriching. I had a great summer school experience here in Antwerp.

Winluck, Tanzania

The interaction with organising committee such as speakers and administrative staff was really nice. The atmosphere was very open which really facilitated the learning process.

Zahir, UK

Antwerp is an international city but it’s a pocket size city: everything is within walking distance, which is so practical.

Daniel, Germany

 I already learned everything we see here in Antwerp before, but the summer school here has a more practical approach which gives a great perspective on business.

 Ali, Egypt

Antwerp has a perfect location to do sightseeing because of its central location. During our stay we made a trip to Amsterdam for example, it was just 1h30 away!

Thomas, Germany