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The summer school on developing (skills for) entrepreneurship takes place in one of the most challenging environments of Western Europe. The University of Antwerp, Antwerp University Association, Verhaert and the City of Antwerp warmly invite you to join this intensive introduction to entrepreneurship. Students with a keen interest in entrepreneurship, but without any concrete previous experience, will be able to discover entrepreneurship during this hands-on summer school.

First students will be introduced in the theoretical framework of a business idea through eight sessions focusing on different aspects of entrepreneurship.

Prior to the course students will be provided with several preparatory packages, in order for all the participants to have an equal minimum understanding of these topics to maximize the knowledge transfer during the summer school itself. Right before the start of the summer school, participants will have to complete an online test. This test is mandatory for all participants.

All these (basic) theoretical insights will be immediately linked to some practical example sessions. The topics include:

  • ideation and problem statement;
  • fit of technology and intellectual property;
  • market research;
  • product definition, added value and pricing;
  • business modelling and marketing;
  • teams and partners;
  • financial plan and budgeting;
  • valuation and what’s next.

All these sessions will be taught by international experts from both within and outside the academic world. For an overview of the speakers' biographies, click here

Next to these theoretical sessions, students will engage in a real-life based group work which will let the teams apply effectively the knowledge and skills taught during the theoretical sessions. Students will be asked to choose their preferred case prior to the summer school after which interdisciplinary and international groups will be composed. Topics will cover a wide array of products and services, both profit and non-profit as to enable all participants to find an appropriate match. Discover more detailed information on the cases of previous editions here.  To tackle the problems or explore the opportunities put forth in these cases in a holistic way, students are introduced in a unique methodology by Verhaert - Masters in Innovation, as well as provided with an impressive toolbox, including a tailor-made summer school canvas.

At the end of the summer school, groups will need to present their working process and business plan to a professional jury. Ultimately, some industrial visits and social activities will keep the minds relaxed and focused.