The practical sessions were based on real-life cases. The constant interaction between theoretical sessions and group work activities really added value to the programme.

Ahmed, Egypt, edition 2015

I really enjoyed this summer school. It was a fantastic experience where I learnt so much and was able to make friends with others students with similar interests from all over the world!

Sanjay, India, edition 2015

The programme is well packed with lots of lectures and workshops. You learn things hands on, it is not only theoretical. It gives you the chance to see the practical side of businesses.

Leye, Nigeria, edition 2015


I really liked the social programme: a good variation between team-building activities and sightseeing trips. We went to Flanders’ Fields, Bruges and Ghent for free!

Suzanne, Netherlands, edition 2015


Meeting people from all over the world was very enriching. I had a great summer school experience here in Antwerp.

Winluck, Tanzania, edition 2015


Antwerp is an international city but it’s a pocket size city: everything is within walking distance, which is so practical.

Daniel, Germany, edition 2015

The organisation and structure of the summer school were fabulous and the help and support of each participating member of the school was at any time outstanding and made this visit memorable and wanting me to come back again.

Maggie, Germany, edition 2017


The course covers a wide range of topics in a short amount of time, which is definitely necessary for the successful completion of the tasks. The selection of a diverse range of speakers was very important and allowed us to experience different ways of teaching during only two weeks. The practical touch of the programme, through the real-life cases provided by local startups, was the most essential factor of making this a wonderful experience.

Andreea, Romenia, edition 2017

The staff responsible for the summer school were the best. They are the ones who made it perfect, always assisting us, responded promptly and created activities that engaged us and added fun with the course.

Meral, Egypt, Edition 2017