Visa information for short stay (maximum 90 days)

EEA+ nationals

If you are a national of a European Economic Area country (EU + Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) or from the UK , Monaco or Switzerland you may travel to Belgium with an international passport. You do not need to apply for a visaRead more.

​Non EEA+ nationals

Non EEA+ nationals find all visa information on the central 'Visa' pages.

Where to stay?

Looking for accommodation during your stay at Antwerp Summer and Winter University?

Accepted students will be provided with a list of housing options in different price categories and at different locations. Prices range from €20 per night to €90 per night, depending on the type of accommodation you opt for. For more information and bookings, contact our colleagues at

Antwerp has many different accommodation options to offer, ranging from student rooms over youth hostels to classic hotels. Most summer or winter schools organised at Antwerp Summer and Winter University take place at the Stadscampus of the University of Antwerp. This campus is located in the so called “University area” close to the city center. 

Getting there

Antwerp is located in the centre of Belgium and is easily accessible by plane, train, car and bus. The international airport of Brussels (Zaventem) is the most frequently used gateway to Antwerp, but you might also want to consider the low-cost airport of Brussels South (Charleroi).

Antwerp is also very easy to reach by train. International railway lines link Brussels and Antwerp to several other major European cities. 

Lastly, Eurolines and Flixbus buses also frequent the city centre of Antwerp, which might be the cheapest option to get here. 

Read more on travelling to Antwerp