Reconstructing Book Ownership: Sources, Methods, and Perspectives

Monday 02.09.2019 (Antwerp University City Campus):

09.00-10.00: Welcome breakfast (Agora Café)

10.00-10.30: Introduction by Trudi Noordermeer and Pierre Delsaerdt

10.30-13.00: Flavia Bruni (Central Institute for the Union Catalogue of Italian libraries and bibliographic information – University of St Andrews), Towards a collective provenance index of book owners in Italian libraries: a work in progress

13.00-14.00: lunch (Agora Café)

14.00-17.00: Marieke van Delft (Koninklijke Bibliotheek The Hague): Libraries within the library 1: Traces of book ownership in the collections of the Koninklijke Bibliotheek (includes a presentation of the CERL Provenance Digital Archive)

17.30-19.00: Antwerp Summer University welcome reception at the Felixpakhuis


Tuesday 03.09.2019 (Hendrik Conscience Heritage Library, Nottebohm Room):

09.00-12.00: Steven Van Impe (Hendrik Conscience Heritage Library, Antwerp): Provenance research: sources and methods

12.00-14.00: lunch (Agora Café)

14.00-17.00: Pierre Delsaerdt (University of Antwerp): Libraries within the library 2: Researching the start of Antwerp’s City Library, 1609


Wednesday 04.09.2019:

Morning session (Antwerp University City Campus):

09.00-12.00: Alicia Montoya (Radboud University Nijmegen), Researching women’s books

12.00-14.00: lunch (Agora Café)

Afternoon session (Plantin-Moretus Museum)

13.30-14.30: Guided tour of the Museum

14.30-17.00: Dirk Imhof (Plantin-Moretus Museum, Antwerp), Libraries within the library 3: The library of Christophe Plantin & the Moretusses, (including a presentation on Researching book acquisitions in the Plantin-Moretus Archives)


Thursday 05.09.2019 (Antwerp University City Campus):

09.00-12.00: Yann Sordet (Mazarine Library, Paris): Libraries within the library 4: Mazarin’s libraries at the Mazarine Library

12.00-14.00: lunch (Agora Café)

14.00-17.00: Cristina Dondi (Oxford University – CERL): Researching provenance and circulation of incunabula: the MEI-project

18.00: Summer School dinner (Universiteitsclub)


Friday 06.09.2019 (Antwerp University City Campus):

09.00-12.00: Giles Mandelbrote (Lambeth Palace Library, London): Researching the origins of bibliophily

12.00-13.00: lunch (Agora Café)

13.00-16.00: Bettina Wagner (Staatsbibliothek Bamberg): Libraries within the library 5: The books of Hartmann Schedel

16.00: Conclusion & Farewell reception (Agora Café)