Facilities at the university

During your stay at the Antwerp Summer University, we have many student facilities available for you:

Getting around

The University of Antwerp has 4 campuses located in the city centre as well as the outskirts of Antwerp. Detailed campus maps show you where the various buildings are located on each campus. Most summer schools will take place at either the Stadscampus or Campus Drie Eiken. Biking between the campuses is the easiest and fastest way to get around, although a dense public transportation network also alows you to easily travel by bus or tram between campuses.

Studying in Antwerp

Antwerp Summer University

Antwerp Summer University offers several highly qualitative courses within the areas of excellence of the University of Antwerp and its partners. Summer school topics cover almost all disciplines offered at the University of Antwerp, ranging from health sciences over design sciences to social sciences. The target group varies between summer schools and may consist of students, researchers or working professionals. All short-term programmes consist of high quality education (lectures, visits, workshops) and fun & interesting social programmes. Participants can acquire ECTS credits upon successful completion of the programmes.

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