Provisional schedule 2023

Preparatory module
Selection of articles and videos

Monday 6 February
Introduction to the winter school
Ari Epstein (CEO, AWDC), Prof. dr. Koen Vandenbempt (Dean, Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Antwerp)

Introduction to the value chain of diamonds
Prof. dr. Koen Vandenbempt (University of Antwerp)

Diamond trade: insights from economics / Economic impact of diamond industry
Prof. dr. Koen Vandenbempt (University of Antwerp)
Tuesday 7 February
Origin of diamonds: Physics
Jef Van Royen (HRD Antwerp)

Origin of diamonds: Geology
John Bristow (Global Diamond Network)

Rough Diamond Valuation
Karl Van Assche

The Kimberley Process and CSR
Mark van Bockstael
Wednesday 8 February
Diamonds, Data & Cultural Trends
Edahn Golan (Edahn Golan Diamond Research, Analysis & Data)

Luxury Marketing
NDC (Natural Diamond Council)

Diamond Certification, Synthetic Diamonds and Treated diamonds
Marleen Bouman (Research Scientist - HRD Antwerp)
Thursday 9 February
Sustainability as a key value driver for business in the global jewellery and watch industry
Iris Van Der Veken

Studying African Diamond Mining Communities

Sustainable & Transparent Practices in the diamond industry
Leanne Kemp (Everledger)
Friday 10 February
Compliance & Due Diligence in the Antwerp Diamond Industry
Trissia Stavropoulos (Head of Compliance AWDC)

Workshop: Polished Diamonds 101
Ahalya Choksi (AWDC)

Closing panel, wrap-up and impressions
Didier Backaert; TBC. Moderator: Karen Rentmeesters (AWDC)

Content description

From Mine to Finger. A deep dive into the world of Diamonds is an intensive winter school, hosted by the University of Antwerp and the Antwerp World Diamond Center (AWDC). Throughout this intensive programme, students will discover the world of diamonds in every aspect. Topics include the historical, geological, technical, economical, commercial and ethical perspectives of the global diamond trade. Additionally, the course offers a series of talks focusing on future trends, challenges and opportunities by focusing on innovation and sustainability in the Industry in all its facets. The course includes fascinating virtual site visits, lectures, workshops and keynotes by internationally renowned academics and professionals. This winter edition offers the same inspiring content, innovative approach and collaborative environment as the summer version does.

Preparative period

The winter school's live week takes place from 6 - 10 February 2023 and is preceded by a series of introductory online modules during which primary insights will be given so participants can duly prepare for the course. These preparatory talks, readings and clips will cover the main topics dealt with during the winterschool. All participants are invited to follow this track as a more equal starting level of understanding will favour collaboration and maximise the knowledge transfer during the winter school itself.

Students interested in earning ECTS credits are expected to submit an individual paper within two weeks after the end of the course. The goal of this paper is to apply some aspects of the knowledge taught during the sessions. In doing so, students are expected to make a hands-on interpretation of (some of the topics) dealt with during the course. The aim of the work can be mapping a situation, analysing problems and providing procedures or ideas to solve them, hereby making content handled during the course (lectures, reading materials, etc), own experiences and other external sources.

A list of possible topics to work on will be provided before the start of the winter school. During previous editions, the following topics were covered:

·         Sustainable Diamond Trade, KP 2.0? On the need and relevance of international regulation schemes

·         Getting sustainability in. On new marketing approaches.

·         How to change a challenge into an opportunity? On the emergence of laboratory-made diamonds

·         D is for Diamond, and Disruption. On the introduction of new technologies

·         Trade of tomorrow. Retail business models in a changing industry

Target group

The winter school is designed for final year Bachelor students and Master students from different disciplines, as well as for young professionals and researchers, interested in deepening their knowledge about diamonds and its industry.  Participants looking for a relevant mixture of theoretical, empirical and practical insights from an interdisciplinary perspective are warmly encouraged to apply. The winter school is open to students and graduates from different disciplines.

For students looking to earn ECTS credits for the winter school, a specific learning path is designed. 

English is the language of instruction. As active participation is compulsory in the course, English proficiency is required.

Study credits and deliverables

Successful completion of the winter school can be awarded with 3 credits according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). Credits will be awarded on the base of attending the preparatory track, 100 % (active) participation during the course (one week) and submission of an individual paper two weeks after the course ends.

To include the credits in the curriculum at the home institution, participants need an agreement with the responsible person at their university. A certificate will be awarded at the end of the programme. All certificates of completion are issued as a micro-credential.