Get inspired by reading some impressions of previous editions, all of them organised in Antwerp: 

As a child, I used to have a monthly subscription for the National Geographic Magazine, and a recurring subject was the international diamond industry. This just captured my imagination. When I was searching for a summer school and I found out about this programme, the choice was quickly made. The mix of students and professionals among the participants is a great asset! 

The summer school “From Mine to Finger” at the University of Antwerp was a unique and once in a lifetime experience that brought me knowledge, friendship and great opportunities for my future career development. I was able to find an interesting and challenging internship with one of the companies we had the pleasure and privilege to visit during the summer school. Those looking to broaden their horizon and network will definitely not be disappointed but inspired! At least if you’re willing to take the first step to apply!

Ali (Belgium) - Student International Business Management @ Artevelde University College

My parents are active in the diamond trade and when I was younger I often had to go and sell for them. All my life I have been interested in where rough diamonds go after they are mined and leave DRC. Thus, it’s very impressive to visit the world’s leading diamond polishing and trading center. One of the activities during the summer university was a tour of a polishing factory, specializing in exceptional stones. Once a diamond has been polished into a finished piece, it is usually sent to a gemological lab for a grading report. I didn’t know that!

When I’m back home, I’m going to try to get involved and I’m going to advise decision makers as well as diamond traders on how to add value to the diamonds in DRC – I would like to turn our small villages into economic hubs.

Edhosal (DR Congo) - Project Manager @ Caritas Congo

I can only recommend the ASU course on diamonds. As starting entrepreneur in the jewelry sector it helped me to gain fast and accurate first hand information and knowledge, supported by a vast network of highly trained multidisciplinary professionals in the most important diamond trading hub in the world: the city of Antwerp.  Thanks to the connections that were made during the programme, I have been invited to join the largest and most prestigious international business accelerator in Belgium and look forward to making brilliant things happen. 

Being a multicultural passionate, I felt nourished intellectually by the cultural diversity inherent to the sector dynamics, the course participants, academic panels, support team and carefully curated industry speakers. Last but not least, the city of Antwerp is a beautiful place and the Summer season does it very much justice. It provides a beautiful framework to actively spend part of your Summer.

Thanks a lot ASU and AWDC, the best of lucks with the next editions of the programme!

Olga (Colombia) - Founder Maison9 Accessoires

Great introduction to the Diamond Industry! I particularly liked the debate in the first week, the tour behind the scenes of the diamond district and the visit to the Jain temple. A truly unique experience! 

Pieter (Belgium) - Student Business Engineering @ University of Antwerp 

I would definitely recommend this Summer University to a colleague. You get the chance to meet some extraordinary people in the sector. You can learn from the lectures as well as from the other students, who are active in all different parts of the business all around the world. Also the final presentations are a great way to focus on one specific theme in the diamond industry and examine that into depth, with the help of the speakers during these two weeks.

Johannes (Belgium) - Global Operations Management department @ ABN AMRO

Topical content, highly engaged academics, one-of-a-kind course.

Joseph Black (USA) - Law student @ Sydney University

I had the opportunity to enroll for the summer program from Mine to Finger offered by Antwerp Summer University and I was quite amazed by the team and speakers expertise, knowledge shared through the days. As a gemologist and jewelry design instructor at IGI Dubai, I am always curious and in search to enhance my knowledge and I could say that we have dive deep in a short period of time in the wonderfull world of diamonds. I will definitely encourage anyone from the industry or not to explore with ASU this program. Thank you for the experience!

Sara Ben Zid (Belgium) - Gemology Instructor @ IGI Dubai