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This Leadership in Law Winter School focuses on (future) lawyers’ skill development and diversity in legal industry. The participants will make an evidence-based journey through several topics that are relevant for today and tomorrow’s new leaders in law.

The courses focus on leaders’ development with regard to self-awareness (leadership styles, growth mindset, personality), soft skills (communication and inclusion kills), and decision-making skills (creativity, fairness, cognitive biases). In addition, participants will have the opportunity to meet with expert leaders in the field. At the end of the journey, participants will have a personal leadership plan, a vision for the future, as well as a theoretical background and practical experience with the foundational skills to make this personal vision come true.

Target group

  • Master students in law
  • Legal professionals (lawyers, consultants, …) with a max. 3 years of working experience
  • Good command of English is required.
  • General knowledge of the use of a PC and the Internet is also needed.

Study credits (ECTS)

3 ECTS credits will be awarded upon successful completion of the programme. All certificates of completion are issued as a micro-credential.

​Successful completion of the summer school can be awarded with 3 credits according the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). A certificate will be awarded at the end of the programme.​


​The assessments consist of an essay without oral presentation (open book). 

Assessment criteria for the essay on the student's personal leadership journey:
The essay should include:

  • an introduction to the student's life and a sense of their personality;
  • a section on how the student hopes in ideal conditions to develop into a leader and contribute to society as a leader, as well as how this relates to the student's personal values;
  • a section on obstacles (at least 3) the student expects to enounter and strategies to overcome them;
  • a conclusion​

Learning outcomes

  1. Increased knowledge about the concept of leadership and leadership styles in the legal context.
  2. Increased knowledge about inclusive leadership, diversity in legal practice, and fairness.
  3. Increased (self-)knowlegde about cognitive biases, personality traits, attention management, creativity, and personal values.
  4. Reflection regarding the influence of cognitive biases, personality traits, creativity, attention, and personal values, on communication, collaboration, legal problem-solving and working in the legal context.
  5. Reflection about the role and societal impact of leaders in the legal context.

Teaching staff

Social programme

Participants will be able to get in touch with peers attending other summer/winter schools at Antwerp Summer and Winter University. A visit to the beautiful city hall, a networking reception, a guided city walk, a quiz night, a football game and a day-trip to another Belgian city such as Bruges or Brussels are only some examples of these activities. All activities of the social programme are offered free of charge, in some cases participants will be asked for a deposit which will be reimbursed upon participation to the activity.

Specific social activities in the days around and during the winter school Leadership in Law will be announced close to the start of the programme.