For Who?

This programme is designed for

Professionals and (recently graduated) master students, highly interested in or motivated to work in the fashion industry, with or without experience in the sector.

In past editions we welcomed participants from many different counties across the world such as: Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Cyprus, Estonia, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Taiwan, The Netherlands, Pakistan, U.K., U.S.A ...


Candidates for the summer school on Fashion Management will be selected based on their motivation and relevant background in education (preferably master level) or work experience.

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Testimonials class of 2014

This is what participants of the class of 2014 thought about their experience:

Andrés Franco Morales (Colombia), Fashion Business Developer at Manage Mode

 "I joined the Summer School in Fashion Management having myself a academic background in management. My aim was to gain a comprehensive overview of the fashion business specificities combined with managerial concepts, and so I did. After 9 intensive yet fulfilling days, I left with a vast array of impressions and insights that pushed further on my pursuit of founding a fashion management company. I am very pleased with the program because I started my consulting company right after the program. The content, the setting of the program, the guest speakers, and the team of the School topped a marvelous experience into what have been my first of many step into the fashion management business."

Hannelore Cauwenbergh (Belgium), Founder/designer at Millefeuille Design

"In April 2014 I set up a couture bridal-wear company, coming from a design and making background I lacked business savvy and management skills. Taking the Summer School in Fashion Management gave me the know-how to lay a solid foundation for my company. Taking the course was scary and exciting. Scary because I realized there is so much I still need to do and exciting because through the course I know what steps to take. The luxury industry days in Paris were the ones I enjoyed most because the lectures 1. gave me fresh ideas and 2. showed me I was on the right track. The lectures I needed most however were the ones about finance, business plans and legal issues. The course was also a great way to meet other professionals in the fashion industry and so, a good opportunity for networking."

Anton Belyavtsev (Russia), Entrepreneur/consultant

"This program interested me for several reasons.  First of all: the classes and workshops by a variety of famous experts,  academics, business and designers. Secondly: the venues for the classes; Antwerp and Paris. Two hours by Thalys and you are in a totally different environment! Thirdly: the insights from peers who share their thoughts. For young potentials this will be myth-breaking program with practical outcomes and tools helping them to start working in this industry. Participating in this program was a great experience for myself. It helped me to polish my own project in Men’s Bespoke Fashion Area and I developed new priceless contacts within industry."

Emmy De Visser (The Netherlands), Master student

"One year ago, I was considering applying for jobs in the creative/fashion industry preferably as a Chief Marketing Officer but I quickly found out that I had a hard time grasping the fashion industry, since I did not have any educational background in fashion. I then decided to take the Summer School in Fashion Management which gave me a good overview of the fashion business. The courses were taught very lively and the lecturers were great story tellers. The program was a good reality check for me: the fashion industry looks dreamy/glamorous from the outside, but it's a really tough business to be in. I’m now finishing my Masters and can’t wait to start working in the fashion industry!"  


Nina Bürklin (Germany), PhD Candidate at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

"I chose the Summer School in Fashion Management because I wanted to get an overview of the industry and enjoy the learning atmosphere in one of the most interesting and fashionable cities of Europe, Antwerp. My favorite topics were definitely those on marketing and PR (probably because I work in that field, too) because there were so many specific examples of related jobs and positions in that area. The summer school helped me a lot in my career because it confirmed and even raised my further interest in marketing and PR. Although there are so many interesting topics in marketing, I absolutely want to work in the fashion business when I finish my PhD."