From August 26 till September 6 2019, we received 20 students coming from Austria, Canada, Cyprus, Czech republic, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Iran, Ireland, Poland and Russia. They were introduced to the immersive world of VR via lectures and workshops and they built their own VR prototype.

Reactions from participants

"Really enjoyed my time in Antwerp, really enjoyed the summer school, facilities were really good."

"Super interesting talks, well organised. Happy to have been part of this!"

"I had a great learning experience and met very talented and interesting people to broaden the network. Thanks again!"

"I would recommend the summer school to anyone interested in creating VR. Thank you for everything."

Previous guest speakers

Vitalijus Zhukas
Vitalijus Zhukas is a producer of short films, documentary, music video and commercials. In 2010 he founded OKTA Studio, which soon became the region’s leading 3D production studio, working on high-end quality content creation for game, movie and advertising industries. 

Pieter Van Leugenhagen
Pieter Van Leugenhagen is the co-founder and Business Lead of Yondr, an immersive award-winning media agency with a focus on virtual reality, video & branding. Yondr launched earlier this year it’s VRTL Academy, an online learning platform about the production of virtual reality video.

Jens Franssen
Jens Franssen is a journalist at VRTNWS. He follows the Middle East, North Africa and Defense. Franssen presented and discussed ‘Syria’s Silence’ and ‘Ryad’s War Oil’, two 360° videos shot on location in war‐torn Syria.

Paolo Favéro
Paolo Silvio Harald Favéro is a visual anthropologist presently Associate Professor in Film Studies and Visual Culture at the University of Antwerp. An important part of his research is about immersive images and the way 360° video, virtual, augmented and mixed reality seek to wrap viewers in the image and to blur the distance between viewer and viewed, self and world.