Expertise­centrum Onderzoek en Ontwikkelings­monitoring

Working with national bibliographic databases for research output

10 - 11 September 2018

What is this about?

The main purpose of this workshop is to bring together people who are directly involved in the maintenance of national bibliographic databases and exchange experience on various aspects of this work. Special focus of this workshop is challenges (and ways to address them) in data collection and processing:

  • ​How scholarly publications are identified?
  • ​How data from different sources of data are integrated?
  • ​How the accuracy of metadata for records on publications is checked?
  • ​How collaboration with governmental bodies and/or authors of research output is organised?

​The programme of the workshop entails presentations addressing several aspects of national bibliographic databases as well as two experience exchange sessions devoted, specifically, to data collection and processing.

​We hope this workshop will, first and foremost, serve as a networking site for operators of national bibliographic databases for research output. In broader terms, this workshop aims to facilitate identification of a variety of practices that can be used to address challenges which inevitably are present when operating a nation-wide database.

​We welcome participants willing to actively engage into an exchange of experience with or without a presentation on the database they are working with.

​Further questions? Contact Linda Sīle: linda.sile[at]

Organised by ECOOM & University of Antwerp