The workshop is organised in alignment with the agenda of the COST Action ‘European Network for Research Evaluation in the Social Sciences and the Humanities’ (ENRESSH).

In ENRESSH one of the goals is to design a best practices manual for research database developers. Towards this goal, two surveys on national databases have been pursued thus laying the ground for a workshop of this kind.

In addition, we see the workshop as the basis for:

  • An overview of good practices in the maintenance of national bibliographic databases for research output.
  • A programme of a training school on national bibliographic databases for research output in the social sciences and humanities, organised within ENRESSH.

​Our earlier work on bibliographic databases for research output:

Sīle, Linda, Raf Guns, Gunnar Sivertsen, and Tim C. E. Engels. ‘European Databases and Repositories for Social Sciences and Humanities Research Output’. Antwerp: ECOOM & ENRESSH, 2017.