In 2023, the Antwerp Social Lab built a completely new state-of-the-art lab that meet the needs and standards of contemporary scientific research. Feel free to take a look at the different rooms of the lab.

Polyvalent room

A polyvalent room of more than 60 square meters, with chairs and folding tables that can be easily arranged for group discussion, in-depth interviews or any other research setting that requires much space (such as VR studies). It is equipped with four pan/tilt/zoom-cameras and a microphone array of 28 Sennheiser microphones.

Control room

An isolated room with several monitoring and recording screens that allows you to unobtrusively track what people are doing and saying. A recording system ensures that everything is qualitatively recorded and pushed to the cloud to which researchers has easily access to, at any place and time. 

A set of three cubicles

A set of three cubicles that are each equipped with a built-in microphone, two speakers and a high-end camera. They are designed for controlled experiments, allowing researchers to exert control over every aspect of the research setting, from lights and audio to room temperature. 

Waiting lounge

A cosy waiting room for participants with beverages and consumables, offering participants a moment to relax and become familiar with the research setting. Here, participants are also informed about the research procedures and invited to fill in necessary documents such as informed consents or pre-questionnaires.