Deconstruction and Abstraction

Deconstruction and Abstraction

28 November 2019 - 19 uur
R.001 - Rodestraat
2000 Antwerpen

On November 28th Lionel Devlieger will elaborate on the work of Rotor Deconstruction in his lecture: ‘Deconstruction and abstraction’.

Etymologically, abstract things are things that have been extracted from their context. These simplifications of reality are useful for intellectual work. Designers are experts in dealing with immaterial abstractions of material things. Rotor and Rotor DC are experts in dealing with material abstractions of even bigger material entities. The question is ‘how to reconcile both’?

About Lionel Devlieger

Lionel Devlieger (°1972, Rwamagana) is an architect and historian. In 2006 he co-founded Rotor, a Brussels-based organisation specialised in the study of present day material culture. Rotor fosters the debate on questions related to resources, waste and obsolescence in the building sector through research projects, exhibitions, conferences and publications. Rotor also coordinates large-scale dismantling operations, collaborates to architectural projects and realises interior and urban design projects. Lionel has been teaching in universities across Europe and the US.