Jan Bunge: 20 years of Squint/Opera

Compelling Narratives - Safeguarding the Vision

Maandag 15 maart
11 - 13 uur 

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About Jan Bunge

Jan is a trained Landscape Architect who went into Urban Design. Since 9 years, Jan is working at Squint/Opera, a digital creative studio and consultancy where he is overseeing creative excellence and technology. Jan guides the studio’s wealth of in-house talent across London and New York, working with many international clients. As a Director, Jan builds long-term strategic relationships with leading industry partners. He is also instrumental in the development of SpaceForm, Squint/Opera's data-driven VR/AR platform to review and design projects in the built environment: spaceform.io
Jan’s wide network keeps him up-to-date on the latest technology and industry trends, which he brings back in-house, pushing the boundaries of Squint/Opera’s work