Lecture Diego Inglez de Souza

Social Housing in Brazil: from modern utopia to contemporary issue

Diego Inglez de Souza
Tuesday 12 February - 19 uur
Aula K1.6 (Dieperik)
Campus Mutsaard, Mutsaardstraat 31, 2000 Antwerp

From consolidated readings that focus social housing as a guiding thread that allows us to understand the transformations in the field of architecture that lead to the consolidation of a modern movement, we can see in the ‘housing question' a privileged object to discuss how to approach these frequent accomplishments in the history of architecture, whose relatively narrow prism often fails to explain or even understand. It is a relatively circumscribed object in a chronological arc common to the several nations and parallel to the implementation of the modernity in different regions and continents, through which we can establish relations, parallels and common trajectories. Experimental programs, new public policies and institutional transformations are often at the basis of the formulation of pilot projects or emblematic architectural achievements. We will seek to reconstitute some episodes and characteristic achievements of the postwar period in the field of social housing in Brazil to contextualize the beginning of the 'end' of modern architecture, the transition to the postmodern condition and the contemporaneity, in which the housing and urban questions arises with great complexity, scale and urgency.