Meanings of Designed Spaces

Disruptive concepts and critical approaches in the design of interior spaces

Tiiu Vaikla-Poldma
13 February 2019 - 7pm
University of Antwerp - Stadscampus - Building C 204
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Interior space is ever-changing and multidimensional. Meanings held within designed interior spaces are constructed within multiple frameworks, be these practice and theory, disciplines and contexts, all with the intention of providing transformative experiences for people. And yet how we live and what we use in our material world locally or globally is changing almost daily, disrupting the meanings we hold to be true. Spaces might be theoretical, social or personal, political or cultural, physical and/or virtual. Furthermore, as we move in and out of virtual worlds, we do so the majority of our time in interiors, dynamic places where we use all of our senses, and experience our environment through our engagement with others. And yet, often  spaces are constructed to contain some while excluding others.

This talk will present the ideas behind the book “Meanings of Designed Spaces”. Meanings of Design Spaces considers ideas, theories provocations and perspectives about how spaces are designed and how we might consider critical approaches in light of the complex contexts of diverse types of spaces. Ideas and concepts are presented as these grew out of conversations with students, teachers, professional, theoreticians and those interested in the  multiple perspectives of designed space in light of changing and emerging understandings. Contexts, meanings and experiences are multiple, and the emergence of critical thinking as a design construct provides the catalyst for pragmatic and collaborative approaches in both research and practice. Examples of mediated spaces are presented alongside the unpacking of the ideas within the book and the perspectives of over 40 authors that represent the many conversations exploring these ideas.

About Tiiu Poldma

Tiiu Poldma PhD, FDRS, CFERDIE, is full professor at the School of Design, Faculty of Planning, University of Montreal.

She is regular researcher at CRIR (Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Rehabilitation of Metropolitan Montreal), Director of the FoCoLUM lab and certified professional designer. She has contributed as co-investigator and executive member to the RehabMALL Rehab Living Laboratory at Alexis Nihon, Montreal (Innovative Strategic Project, FRQ_S, 2011-2016), the first of its kind in Canada.

Her research interests include aging, how form, colour and light affect perceptions of the interior environments, its effects on well-being and lived experience. Her research work includes intersectorial projects favouring universal approaches, collaborative co-design and participatory methodologies. In 2015 she was nominated Fellow of the Design Research Society for her contributions to design research.