Product-Service System design - Roadshow & Date Night

Service design has proven its massive potential outside our borders, this time … it’s Belgium’s turn to see and reap the advantages in public|private organizations.

We bring together students, academics, practitioners and the people who need their expertise, and help the discipline to develop and integrate new perspectives.


Program 21 december 2017

16h - 18h |          Roadshow Product-Service System design |Design for life 4.0 – an interpretation of Vision2050: a long-term strategy for Flanders|

Get inspired by the 15 cases & prototypes by forty-five students 1MA Product Development, integrating products and services into new systems

* break * | have a drink, have a snack, have a chat


19h - 22h |          Date night

Meet the future (product-) service (system) design students & agencies, talk, see the potential, initiate projects & (maybe) join the network

* and some side activities (book & toolkit release PSS design and sharing insights with the authors and students)


Product Development - University of Antwerp
Ambtmanstraat 1
2000 Antwerp

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Book & toolkit release