Applied Engineering


Valorisation and spin-offs are a crucial aspect of research at the Faculty of Applied Engineering. Spin-offs are academic companies that transform scientific knowledge into applications for commercial use.

The spin-offs of the Faculty of Applied Engineering are:


Aloxy offers reliable industrial Internet-of-Things solutions tailored to the needs of the chemical, oil and gas and other process industries. This technology makes resources smart and makes it possible to further automate processes and provide useful insights into industrial operations.


Communication with customers, emails, files, website, backup, ... AtSharp helps you focus on what really matters to you: progress in your business. AtSharp manages all aspects of your ICT infrastructure.


CrowdScan offers a wireless system that predicts the size and density of large groups of people. Their measurement methodology does not use camera images, works independently of devices, and relies on the influence of people's physical presence on radio frequency signals.


Digitrans wants to bring a data-driven logistics solution to the market to make freight transport faster and more cost-efficient.

DT Valley

DT Valley helps high-tech companies with future-proof system development.

Hi10 Security Integrations

Hi10 Security Integrations: data security, cloud systems architecture, security and efficiency by delivering optimal solutions for: integration digital signatures, cloud security projects, BC/DR plans.


HySopt develops and commercialises unique software for HVAC designers and advises engineering firms, installation companies, architects, builders and manufacturers from the Hysopt Competence Center.


Oxylum focuses on developing solutions for the sustainable production of chemicals. Their new electrochemical CO₂ reduction technology will guide companies in their quest for carbon neutrality. Like the leaves of a tree, they use CO₂ and water to create the building blocks for plastics, fuels and so much more. The energy required is provided by renewable electricity and no fossil resources are consumed during the process. 


Viloc connects tools, camera equipment or other valuable objects. For example, you can track stolen objects.