Business and Economics

Prof. Shaker A. Zahra

Honorary degree in Business and Economics 2023

In recognition of his expertise in entrepreneurship. He is a pioneer for his contributions to entrepreneurship research. - Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota

  • Nominator: Prof. Ine Paeleman

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Harnessing the Powers of Entrepreneurship on a Global Scale.

Technology has revolutionized the way industries operate and compete, leading to a constant need for companies to adapt and reinvent themselves. This has led to an increased focus on various forms of entrepreneurship, including corporate, technology-based, social, and international forms. My research has examined the impact of these forms of entrepreneurship on companies and industries on a global scale, spanning over 43 countries with diverse levels of development. In this presentation, I will highlight key insights and findings from my research and discuss their implications for the field of entrepreneurship and for businesses. Additionally, I will delve into the broader societal impact of entrepreneurship and the ways in which disruptions introduced by entrepreneurs drive progress in technology, economics, and society as a whole.